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By Colleen Walsh Fong


If you’re not linking all of your content for branding you’re missing out on a lot of traffic.


By linking I mean inserting hyperlinks into text so that one click by readers will take them to the destination of your choice. Why would you want to do that? Because the point of your branding efforts should be to build your business, get more clients, and make more money, which is coincidentally the subtitle of my top-selling business-writing book, Write To Grow. Note the linked text that takes you to the place on Amazon where you can buy the book for $2.99.


Despite my not-so-subtle plug, the real reason I included the info about my book here, and linked it, is to demonstrate a simple way to get readers to follow your call to action. This should help you increase your profitability, and ultimately, the net worth of your business, too.


Linking your byline to your website and some of the content text to another place, such as to your book on a bookseller’s site, are just two of many ways to electrify your audience.


Hit The Links


Another way is to link some related content text to one of your other articles. And you can send the audience to another place besides your website to read it if you make it a multipurpose article and post it to several different platforms. I always recommend doing this to reach the maximum number of readers and potential clients. But you will make this method even more effective if you tweak the article slightly to fit the audience you publish it to. Doing so takes minimal effort and makes your piece most resonant with the target audience. It also improves your SEO rankings because it appears as fresh material to the search engines, rather than several repeats of the same thing.


When you place an article on an industry or trade platform be sure to adjust it to make your points relate to readers in that trade or business sector. Articles being posted on LinkedIn can be more general. When you send readers of an article posted on your website to one of your other articles on LinkedIn you stand to gain connections and endorsements there, too.



Think Inside The Box


If you want to get really clever and drive even more traffic to your social media accounts, try using text boxes and link the text within the boxes to whichever place you want it to go. Do you want more Twitter followers? Insert hash-tagged tweets into one or more boxes. Make sure one hashtag bears a campaign name that you will use in a series of articles.


#InsideTheBox #MakeMoreMoney Insert linked tweets into articles + grow your Twitter following–Click hashtag to Retweet and Follow us!


In the example above I’ve used #InsideTheBox as a campaign name, and then added a second hashtag, #MakeMoreMoney that relates to the tweet contained in the box. The text within the box should also relate to the context of the article. Link the text or the campaign hashtag to your Twitter account and ask readers to click the hashtag to retweet it, and to follow you on Twitter.


Apply this concept to other social media, too, and electrify your writing to power up your business growth




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