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Make Sure Your Brand Is Classy Not Assy

                  By Colleen Walsh Fong   Promoting is a big part of growing your business and using content for branding is one way to do it. Promoting yourself within a business is important for career advancement, too. The way you choose to... read more

Remove the Hype From Your Type

                    By Colleen Walsh Fong   Inflation is rampant–in our language. Note how I amped up that sentence to get your attention. That’s a common tactic in writing content for branding and marketing. There’s so much noise to compete with... read more

Master Current Acronyms

                  By Colleen Walsh Fong   What does CTA mean to you? Until recent years it meant two things to me: the transportation method I used to get to work each day, (Chicago Transit Authority,) and the 1970’s band of the same... read more

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