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Little Things Make Lasting Memories

                  By Colleen Walsh Fong     Scratching my head didn’t help me to remember what lay inside in the dusty, corrugated box, two feet deep, wide, and tall. It was dark with age and taking up too much space on... read more

3 Tarts for Raspberry Tart Day

                  By The Grammar Goddess   Our food blogger has informed me that National Raspberry Tart Day is August 11th. That makes today an excellent time to clarify the distinctions between the various definitions of the word “tart.”   In the... read more

Abbreviated Confusion

                  By The Grammar Goddess     If you love to use literary abbreviations, take heed. The following two are often confused and misused.   Many people believe “I.e.” stands for “in example.” But that would be too easy! In fact... read more

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