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Colleen Walsh Fong is a top-selling author on Amazon in the Business area. She is the published author of 4 ebooks written under her own name, and other ghostwritten titles, too.





professional writingWrite to Grow: Build Your Business, Get More Clients, Make More Money is available now on It will be available on B& and iBooks soon.


Are you in business? Are you always looking for more or better clients?


Write to Grow is a guide to writing targeted communications that help businesses of all sizes grow their clienteles. It tells them what to write, how to say it, and where to publish it to build successful businesses. Filled with loads of relatable examples it’s a must-have guide for smart and ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs.


How should you write to grow your business?

Where should you write?

What should you say?

How often should you write?

Where on earth can you find writing ideas?


Get answers to these and lots of other business writing questions in the pages of Write to Grow.


Read some of Write to Grow’s 5-star reviews:



Colleen Actually Makes a “How To” Book Fun to Read
By Brian Moloney -The Freelance Retort on April 29, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I’ve been writing for businesses for nearly 20 years and I still learned some new tricks! Colleen writes in a fun, breezy style that actually makes a “how to” do book fun. I highly recommend…..



Small book – big ideas

By MRC on April 25, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I don’t read a lot of non-fiction, especially not about business, but I was impressed by how helpful this book was. If you come away with just one good idea – and there are many – it will be well worth the price.


Branding Bonanza

By Linda Nicholson on April 16, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I love this book! It gave me lots of ideas for marketing my business and getting more clients. I’ve already started.


Great Little Gem

By chgogal on April 15, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I am was looking for tips to grow my business when I ran across this little gem. I quickly snatched it up and have been very impressed so far. This is a great little book at a nominal cost.


Five Stars

By M. Wenclawski on April 13, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Well written. Solid ideas.


Solid read

By The Dude on April 10, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I happened to come across this while searching for something else.

Outstanding read. Fast paced with lots of great ideas.



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Establish Your Expertise


Did you know that Colleen can write a book to help you establish your authority in your area of expertise? Contact us to find out what a ghostwritten book can do to make your business grow.


Other Titles By Colleen


Aside from her professional writing skills, Colleen is an accomplished amateur chef and trained cooking assistant. She’s the published author of 3 touchscreen cookbooks.  Colleen created the Easy Weekly Meals brand which features her uber easy cookbooks and ensemble recipes.


The books are made for busy people who like to eat well. Each book is loaded with links for easy navigation. The links take users to all the information they need to make cooking delicious food quick and easy.


Each book contains several weeks of menu plans and the corresponding grocery lists and recipes to make them in a snap.


Colleen’s cookbooks download to all smart devices. Users can tap their phones to see their weekly shopping list as they stand in the grocery store. The items are listed in order of the department where they’ll be found. Another tap will bring up the desired recipe. Users can cook from their phones, tablets, or computers.


Find out about more features here.


Learn about Ensemble Recipes.


Download your own copy from Amazon by clicking the book icons below, or visit the Easy Weekly Meals site to purchase from other booksellers.


While you’re there, be sure to stop by the Easy Weekly Meals blog.


And check out their YouTube channel for quick and easy how-to videos.


Bon apetit!




professional writing

Easy Weekly Meals For Busy People


Read some of our 5 star reader ratings:

Easypeasy December 3, 2013

By Erin

This takes all the guesswork out of shopping. Recipes are simple to follow and food is really good. I don’t have a lot of time to shop with my job and kids schedules so this is a no brainer for me. An absolute must for busy people on the go!


On the Go but can still make dinner April 16, 2013

By Lynn50

The authors really did mean easy. The recipes are not only delicious but they also include enough for leftover meals later in the week.


The book even outlines how long it will take to make as well as the items for your grocery list. Just open up the book in your phone to find the list of ingredients.


I love that I will not have to think about what i have at home, or not!


The Title is Absolutely Correct — Except it Forgot the Word “Delicious” September 28, 2014

By Laurie Fudd

The title says it all. These meals are easy, provide enough for leftover eating, and are family friendly and delicious. I like that you can keep it on your phone and refer to it in the grocery store. Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom. Even my picky eaters like the food in here, and it is great for people who have no time to cook.






professional writing

Easy Weekly Meals for College Students


Read some of our 5 star reader ratings:


A Great Tool for Busy People!, August 10, 2012

By jgalla999

As a mother of four and a full time nurse, I am all about family, health and I am always on the go. I would like to thank the authors for giving me a tool that makes life a bit easier! When I am stumped for what to make for dinner and in between a carpool, this app is so handy.

5.0 out of 5 stars


Great for college students or beginning cooks!, August 1, 2012

By Gornell

Just finished looking at all the recipes. Several caught my eye. This cookbook hit me as perfect for college students, or someone new to cooking, or anyone finding themselves responsible for cooking for themselves with busy schedules. What’s particularly nice for the novice is the authors list all the things you’ll need to have on hand. The recipes also don’t require hard to find or super-expensive ingredients. When I was looking through it, I was nostalgically taken back to my first days as a newlywed and my trusty red/white/plaid (if I remember correctly)Betty Crocker cookbook. This book is well done, laid out nicely, clear, and helpful.


perfect, July 30, 2012

By Amy Balsam “carebear”

This book made it so easy to cook here in college. It provided easy, yummy ideas and my roommates loved them!


easy for any age, July 29, 2012

By Fran Stewart “”

I may be well out of the college-age bracket, but EASY WEEKLY MEALS FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS is fast becoming a favorite of mine. I’m no gourmet cook. For that matter, I’m not much of a cook, period. So these worry-free recipes are a great help. And the grocery lists are invaluable. Check out the Fromagedillas (Week 8 – Wednesday) for a really cool dish.


Amazing is All I Can Say, July 28, 2012

By Sheila Sanford “Sheila”


Such a handy little cookbook with quick and easy recipes. Since we have our phone with us all the time, it makes it easy to shop for the ingredients needed for the recipe.


This is a must have for anyone.


Stay Tuned. Colleen has more ebooks in the works.