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What’s a press release?

It’s a notification sent to media outlets, (newspapers, online news sources, TV and radio stations, blogs, etc.) about a specific product, service, accomplishment, or event.


Who sends them?

Anyone with a product, service, accomplishement, or event they want to publicize.


Who receives them?

Traditional Newspapers, online news sources, TV and radio stations, and even blogs and twitter channels with large followings.


Why should you use a press release?

Because well-written ones can grab the attention of people who have the power to inform the masses about you. In other words, they can drive more clients to your business. More readers to your blog. More buyers to your book.


Hundreds of press releases pass before an influential person’s eyes each week. But they will only use the information in a very few of them. So it’s important to know exactly what, and how much, to say to make influencers spread the word about you. That’s why successful enterprises use CopyWritesCustom Writing Services custom writing services to create compelling press releases.


We customize your press release to fit your audience. We make it yours, using your tone. And we make it appeal to those who will receive it using our specialized knowledge and expertise.


Contact us today to make your press release stand out from the crowd.


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Custom Writing Services

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