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If you aren’t using white papers in your marketing efforts you should ask yourself why not. White papers are powerful marketing tools. They serve lots of purposes and all of them help your business grow.


What is a White Paper?


It’s a document that you give away to prospective customers. It’s usually a free download from your website. White Papers give something of value, usually tips that help people who need your product or services.


Why would you give that away for free?


Because the payoff you get is far greater than what you give.


First you’ll get their Email Addresses


Visitors will give to you to get your free download. You can use these addresses in your marketing campaigns.


Next, you’ll get Brand Recognition


Your white paper will showcase your logo, header, and contact information.


Well-written, customized white papers use your voice and convey the tone of your organization.


All of these things help to establish your brand.


You’ll also build your Reputation as an Authority


White papers provide educational information, so readers learn about your company and your field. And they learn some of the tricks you use to do your job.


This sets you up as an authority in your field.


The information is followed by subtle sales content. It convinces readers that your services are necessary.


Finally, you’ll get Paying Customers and Clients


Most business people are busy using their own expertise to make a living.


Once they read your information, provided it’s written with just the right level of detail, many will realize they can’t dedicate the time to become do-it-yourselfers.


Since you gave them valuable information for free, they’ll see you as both an expert and a friend.


And because your white paper contains calls to action, you tell your readers how to buy your product or service.


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Sample White Papers



If you haven’t already done it, visit the CopyWritesCustom Copywriting home page to download our White Paper, The Seven Secrets to Building a Successful Business.


And then click the image below to see the full text of a White Paper written for Real Estate Professionals.



Business Content Writer White Paper

White Paper For Real Estate Professionals


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